The Golden Tale A Goldentail Adventure Story Book
by Dana Marie Hoffmann
Illustrated by Erin O'Leary Brown

Meet Goldentail -a very special fish not unlike you! She loves her family, enjoys her friends, and likes to learn and write in her journal.

One day, however, something happens to Goldentail that makes her want to be alone. Will she decide to return home? Will she meet other creatures who help her see what a unique fish she really is?

Join Goldentail on her journey of self-discovery and be inspired to read, to write, and to see beyond any setbacks life has to offer!

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The Golden Tale is a richly illustrated, captivating story that appeals to children of all ages. A useful tool for teachers and parents of children ages 4-10 years in promoting self-esteem and self-respect.

Goldentail is a happy fish with many happy stories to share. Two additional story books in the Goldentail Adventure Story Book series are excerpts from her journal. The Treasured Homes and The Visitor's Surprise are color-in story books. Accepting change is the theme carried throughout this series, and accepting change with a happy attitude offers insight to the benefits of feeling good about oneself and the confidence to live life happy.

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